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Dream Blouse

Many thrifters and shoppers experience trouble when finding well-fitted clothing. Often I think to myself while I shop how I would love a certain shirt if only it would it be a little shorter or if it had a different neckline. Ultimately, I figured out a way to make all my fit concerns disappear. Recently, I came across an oversize dress at Stitched Up that many I assume would not even look twice at, but I couldn’t ignore it. What ultimately caught my eye about this oversize dress was the details it embellished. The sheer pleated sleeves were something I
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Slow Down Fashion

Thrifting takes patience and time. Believe me, there are days that the last thing I want to do is peruse through aisles overflowing with clothing to find that one piece that sparks my eye. Although, for that same reason, that is why I love to thrift. Unlike fast fashion, where everything is handed to you fast and without thought, thrifting is mindful. I have come to believe that the reason I gravitate to this hobby (and job) so much is because of this careful decision of clothes that I choose to take home with me. Clearly, there is a reason
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