Dream Blouse

Many thrifters and shoppers experience trouble when finding well-fitted clothing. Often I think to myself while I shop how I would love a certain shirt if only it would it be a little shorter or if it had a different neckline. Ultimately, I figured out a way to make all my fit concerns disappear.

Recently, I came across an oversize dress at Stitched Up that many I assume would not even look twice at, but I couldn’t ignore it. What ultimately caught my eye about this oversize dress was the details it embellished. The sheer pleated sleeves were something I appreciated more than anything else in the room. Beautiful and vintage, I realized I had to have it.

Although, it didn’t fit and I wasn’t sure I was looking for more dresses. My mind started whirling, “I’m going to make this a top,” I thought to myself. Sure enough, determined as ever I chopped about 20 inches off the bottom, leaving an inch for the folded hem. I also left room for myself to create a tie in the front of the shirt to make it versatile. Lastly, to begin with the silhouette of the garment was too big and boxy for me, therefore I tailored the blouse to my body.

The sleeves, the buttons, and the cuffs are things that I appreciate about this shirt. The fabric is a vintage, thick, scuba-like fabric that is comfortable and breathable. The garment itself is well made and looks much more expensive than what I paid for it. This shirt could be worn on a date, a night out, or to the office and it is sure to be complimented.