Bored at home? Us too..

As many of us have experienced our lives being turned upside down this past month, along with being told to stay indoors. It seems as if our To-do lists are dwindling and we are running out of things to do.

Traditional tailoring usually consists of the client bringing in new clothes or old clothes to us in our studio in either Brooklyn, NYC or Menomonie, WI. Although, as times have changed we are no longer allowed to see each other or leave our homes. Therefore, to kick off this month of quarantine, each week we will post ideas on how to revamp your closet without leaving the house!

To start this week, I have taken an old blanket that no one in the household seemed to use anymore and turned it into a fashionable jumper. Reason #1 because, many times we find ourselves redecorating or changing the aesthetics of our homes, and we may find that some of our old items that used to match do not anymore. This is a great way to repurpose old blankets. Reason #2 it’s getting cold over here in New Zealand and I, unfortunately, didn’t plan to be over here during quarantine so I didn’t pack any warm clothes. Therefore, no better time than now to be resourceful.


A great resource to use if you do not have patterns on hand or not equipped to make your own is Etsy. I purchased a basic shirt and sleeve sloper and then made adjustments to the pattern to make my desired fit. Quick and easy.